Kids' Playground Markings

Kids' Playground Markings

There are a range of playground games markings that you can choose from for an outdoor recreational area at your school or nursery.

Play Surface Graphics

Play Surface Graphics

We can create a range of designs for outdoor play surfaces which meet National Curriculum requirements for educational activities.

Recreational Surface Designs

Recreational Surface Designs

We have installed educational designs and games markings to outdoor playground at many schools, nurseries and public parks to create a fun and enjoyable environment.

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Kids' Playground Games Markings

Welcome to Kids Playground Games Markings.

Our team of specialists can create a range of designs for outdoor play surfaces which meet National Curriculum requirements for educational activities. 

Do you need an experienced kids playground games markings installer ? Then you have come to the right place.

Many schools, nurseries, playgrounds and parks have playground games for kids with markings installed.

This is most likely because it is a quick and easy way to create a unique play-area environment.

One of the best things about play area applications are that the design options are endless, and we are always up for hearing new ideas and possible graphics, so please let us know if you've got any.

We can install them in a wide range of colours, games, characters and sizes, and this can improve your macadam flooring and encourage children to be more active.


Why Choose Playground Markings for Your Play Area?

Playground markers enable the idea of utilising the same space for a variety of games. This might considerably improve the playground at your child's school, which is used for limited games.

You might have a tiny area at your school where only one or two types of games are permitted.

What are the Benefits of Playground Markings?

The playground has long been an important aspect of any school's infrastructure. You can use it in various ways to support a child's learning and development, with playground markings playing an important role.

You can utilize playground markings to create fun learning opportunities. Markings can be developed for younger children to help teach early learning principles in a fun and interactive method.

With markings, children can easily be divided into two teams and play one at a time in an organized manner from the first person to the last person.

A game continues smoothly since one player and another player take turns with respect to the markings.

How do I Choose Playground Markings for Schools?

The children's playground games markings, which we may install at your facility can be educational.

We can install school playground markings for various games such as Capture-the-Flag, Jump Rope, Simon Says, Mother May I, Red Rover, and Snakes and Ladders.

We can also put markings with red light, green light, numbers around the circle, and caterpillars.

We also can apply a more traditional design, which could be a hopscotch and a roadway design.

Having playground graphics can enhance your macadam surface and improve your children’s time in the playground.

Our company can help you choose and create a top-quality design specification for your organisation and meet the requirements you need.

What is Thermoplastic Marking?

The thermoplastic marking is the installation of thermoplastic graphics onto an existing surface; these are often preformed patterns or designs laid out and heated onto the surface.

Thermoplastic marking could be carried out for several areas, including playgrounds, roads and warehouses.

Playground markings can be installed as a cost-effective option to improve educational play in schools and nurseries and their surrounding areas.

Why Have Thermoplastic Playground Markings?

Thermoplastic markings are not only entertaining; they may also be informative and bring people together.

This is because snakes, ladders, and hopscotch designs all have numbers on them, and youngsters will be learning while participating in an activity.

Because we're frequently asked to create friendship stops and recreational quiet spaces, they can bring students and the community together.

If you'd like more information on thermoplastic marking, please get in touch via the contact form provided on this page.


Play Area Thermoplastic Graphics Near Me

Play area thermoplastic graphics are very durable and long-lasting. They can provide an exciting and fun recreational area.

Preformed thermoplastic designs are placed onto the surface, and then heat is applied to them, and they melt. The method leaves bright coloured markings which look professional.

The application process is quick and easy, which will benefit the children because they may be out in the play area as soon as possible.

We could install play-area thermoplastic designs suitable for key stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 (KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4).

A lot of schools and EYFS have started having more graphics installed recently.

This is probably because Ofsted sees some educational designs as an opportunity for students to learn outside, and it can improve your school’s Ofsted report and grade if you've got them.

Themed Playground Designs

Most facilities have theme designs installed; these themes are normally relevant to the year’s national curriculum and to what they are studying.

We could apply sports pitch line-markings and educational markings, classic games, and creative cartoon characters.

Line marking thermoplastics for sport surfaces are a quick and cheaper alternative to having a synthetic surface installed, and it allows you to make use of your all-weather pitch.

These line-markings can be used with sports coaching in  to help kids learn new skills and improve fitness.

Having recreational graphics in organisations can bring the people within the community together.

We have previously installed friendship stops and quiet areas in some facilities, and they feel that it allows some students to relax and calm down in the play area.

If you already have thermoplastic line-markings, but they are looking old and worn out, we may reline them or even remove and replace them.

This allows you to make the most out of your play area and your macadam surface can look revitalised.

If you’re thinking about having kids’ playground surface games applied for your recreational area, or if you've got some existing ones that have faded, please contact us.

We may offer professional designs and great value prices for a range of surface line markings.

How to Install Preformed Graphics Near Me

If you're thinking about how to install preformed graphics nearby, our local contractors closest to you can carry out the process for you to a highly professional standard:

  1. Clean the surfacing thoroughly to ensure the markings stick to the tarmac and not dirt on the surface
  2. Paint the surfacing using anti-slip paint if required to improve the appearance of the area
  3. Lay the preformed pre-cut designs in the desired place
  4. Heat the graphics using specialist tools until they melt onto the surfacing
  5. Leave the markings to cool before allowing children to play in the area

As professionals, we have years of experience and expert knowledge to get you the best results. Speak to us today if you would be interested in finding out more!

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We have completed several playground graphic installations across the country, and we can alter designs and specifications to meet your individual needs and requirements.

For more information on the kids' playground games markings which we can install, please complete the enquiry form, and we will let you know about designs and prices.



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