Park Play Area Design

Park Play Area Design

Many public park facilities have thermoplastic lines and graphics applied to create a fun and interactive space where kids can play and be active in the community.

Community Playground Marking

Community Playground Marking

There are plenty of vibrant and exciting designs to choose from when installing the thermoplastic play markings in local facilities.

Recreational Surface Graphics

Recreational Surface Graphics

The tarmac graphics come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours so you can completely customise the design to suit whatever is needed in the area.

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Public Park Tarmac Markings

We are Public Park Tarmac Markings, we specialise in the application of public park tarmac markings for a range of features including children’s play areas and pathways. These facilities are often used as community recreational spaces, and colourful designs add a fun and attractive look to the area. If you'd like public park tarmac markings our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

Members of the public often enjoy visiting parks and taking their kids to a safe outdoor play area. Our thermoplastic coloured graphics can be installed to fit with other pieces of equipment and structures within the park. This helps to create a diverse and engaging space where kids can have fun and be active.

Our professionals will provide a variety of distinct services which the client can select from, thanks to our experience of tarmac surface markings in public parks. Our professionals ensure that recreational graphics are entertaining and beneficial for children so that many unique games may be enjoyed, preventing them from becoming bored. Each client can consider a number of styles of playground graphics - suitable for different age groups - like animals, traditional games and sporting events.

This makes sure that community facilities can be utilised more efficiently and youngsters would make the most out of playing on the surface. In the event you already have recreational surfacing graphics that have gotten worn out and faded over time, our trained professional staff will come out to the playground and enhance old lines, boosting the facility aesthetically.

The public park tarmac line-markings could also be applied for other features including walkways and car parks for navigational purposes. These could include things like arrows, lines or instructions to direct people around the park. If you would like to find out more about thermoplastic tarmac line-markings for local parks closest to you, please make sure you get in touch with us.

Complete our quick contact form with the details of your enquiry and we’ll get back to you with some advice regarding costs and designs for the work.

Community Play Area Designs Near Me

As each project is totally different, we can come up with a unique community play area design. This can incorporate a number of children’s recreational graphics like - 

  • Hopscotch
  • Targets
  • Footsteps
  • Animals
  • Number grids

Families often visit public parks to use play equipment and enjoy the outdoors, and the colourful designs just add to this experience.

These thermoplastic markings are put in by adding heat towards the graphics, melting these to the asphalt floor. You can choose from an array of distinct colours, styles and requirements for the graphics. When necessary, we could paint the macadam playground just before we put down the play surface graphics, which helps to make the flooring appear brand new, because it should be substantially brighter. Numerous community play areas and parks within the UK have got play area designs applied to your macadam flooring.

Little disruption on the area is caused by applying thermoplastic graphic designs, as they will be installed fairly quickly and they're tough and reliable. Any kind of markings currently on the flooring could be repaired or cleansed by the specialist team to make sure they're in top condition. What's more, we will also offer removal of outdated designs which have got faded on account of time and these may be substituted with a completely new style.

In case you don’t really want the old pattern to be removed, we offer a relining service which can upgrade your existing graphics and strengthen the appearance of the recreational surface.

To discuss prices for public park tarmac line-markings, make sure you contact our team by completing the enquiry form on this page. We’ll get in touch to offer you some professional advice as well as all the information with regards to costs and quotes for our work.

What is Thermo Plastic Marking?

The thermoplastic marking is the process of installing thermoplastic graphics onto an existing surface to improve the appearance and offer better opportunities to people using the area. Thermoplastic marking may be carried out for playgrounds, roadways and carp parks.

Line-marking is done to mark out specific areas which are why they're great for areas like roads and car parks. They can also be installed in vibrant coloured patterns making them perfect for public park playgrounds and their surrounding areas. 

There is a selection of colours and shapes which you can pick from which are appropriate to fit a subject or primary school. Plastic play surface markings can be well suited for nearby parks, primary schools and child care centres as they are really strong and safe.

We will carry out care and renovation for old line-markings which might have been worn out or end up being damaged after a while. We are also able to apply traditional based games designs which include duck duck goose and hopscotch, and various other classic features. 

Park Playground Markings Near Me

For nearby kids' park playgrounds coloured markings tend to be applied to brighten the surfacing and add decorative graphic designs. Pupils can experience exciting activities along with improving their physical fitness and acquiring necessary skills. They are great for virtually all children aged 5-11 in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. These kinds of designs may include informative games for subjects like maths and science.

This might be through numbered squares, alphabets, word games, targets and maps.

The colourful designs are excellent for getting children to become far more physically active and healthy, together with allowing them to have a good time outside. For primary school kids, weight problems are a growing problem and having external exercise spaces is a wonderful way to improve overall health. We have dealt with numerous primary schools and kindergartens when designing the flooring graphics. 

They are all manufactured from premium components meaning that they will be weather resilient and reliable. The playground markings are created to be slip resistant so they’re safe for the kids using the area. We’re able to install these coloured graphics to basic tarmac floors to help improve the playground. These line-markings are excellent for kids of all ages, and additionally, they could even create individual activities.

You can find out more regarding the primary school PPA here - to see how this can work for you.

Sports Court Line Marking for Parks

Sport markings are also offered, such as hockey and football. Since youngsters are encouraged to participate in several fun games, they will become more focused in school so it’s much easier to understand information. In addition to both mental and physical advantages of playground markings, you will also find many social advantages for children.

Youngsters are able to develop a number of essential skills through actively playing the activities in school. The kids are then encouraged to spend more time with their classmates and form relationships.

For sports coaching in public parks, we also supply line markings in order to encourage youngsters to take part in other activities. Speak to our specialists today if you are interested in finding out more information and would like to receive further details. We are on hand to give you exactly what you're looking for, at a great price. 

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Thermoplastic graphics have got a special method for how they're laid. The line-markings should be laid out onto the playground surfacing and then heated so that they soften and stick onto the tarmac. The final result is a reliable and vibrant set of line-markings which is great for enhancing the look of a play area.

The range of playground designs we offer is brilliant for making your facility more enjoyable and beneficial. We are proud of having the ability to entertain and educate with the diverse recreational markings. For more information on public park tarmac markings simply fill in the contact form.


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