Key Stage One Games in Capheaton

Key Stage One Games in Capheaton

Specialist playground markings can be installed to create a range of Key Stage One primary school games that kids can enjoy and learn from.

KS1 Play Area Games in Capheaton

KS1 Play Area Games in Capheaton

We can create a range of designs for KS1 activities including roadways which teach kids about road safety as well as creating a range of fun games to play.

KS1 Playground Markings in Capheaton

KS1 Playground Markings in Capheaton

Playground markings can be used for a range of games, which are both fun and educational for key stage one children.

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Key Stage One Playground Games in Capheaton

Here at key stage One Playground Games, our UK leading specialists create a range of designs for KS1 activities including roadways which teach kids about road safety as well as creating a range of fun games to play. If you would like to enquire about key stage one playground games in Capheaton our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

Making sure your play area flooring is bright and colourful is crucial to get children to engage in active play and Key Stage One playground games in Capheaton NE19 2 are a great way to encourage them. The term KS1 is Year 1 and Year 2 classes, this is where the pupils are aged from 5 and up until aged 7.

This key stage is normally for kids attending infant school, however, in some cases, this can be primary school or a first school. Key-stage one school playground markings is an important part of learning for children; it can teach them multiple activities and can also allow them to improve their social skills by interacting with other pupils within the community.

For more information on KS1 play-area games in Capheaton NE19 2 please fill in our contact form provided and we will get a professional to contact you with regards to the thermoplastic graphics.

BS EN 1436 Playground Standards

The recreational thermoplastic markings that we install are all to BS EN 1436 standards which are the British standard for prefabricated graphics. Play area graphics can improve the look of your tarmac surface because they are bright and available in a wide range of designs and colours.

Not only will you be impressed by the KS1 thermoplastic graphics but having them installed on your surface flooring can improve Ofsted reports. This is because thermoplastic designs can be educational and it is great for children to be learning outside and not just in a classroom.

KS1 Play Area Games

KS1 play area games are varied, they may be from thermoplastic animals to tarmac surface trails and mazes. The most common games designs which we are asked to install at key stage one primary school facilities are animals, traditional designs and paths, the options are endless and we are always up for hearing your ideas and possible new designs.

The national curriculum for all pupils in key-stage one educational programme must teach children about -

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Design Technology (DT)
  • History
  • Art and Design
  • Music
  • Physical Education (PE)

The thermoplastic specifications which we have previously installed can cover the majority of these subjects.

KS1 Educational Games in Capheaton

The KS1 playground educational games for the English Language may be an alphabet caterpillar, for maths, it can be a numeracy grid design or a small hopscotch rocket with numbers on. The thermoplastic graphics could be part of the fitness regime for children, they can have running tracks, bicycle lanes and other exciting race tracks.

It would be a fun environment for the nearby children and they will be staying healthy whilst enjoying the playground activities. Schools near me often employ PPA cover teachers to coach children in different sports and outdoor activities using a range of thermoplastic markings. 

A lot of previous KS1 organisations in Capheaton NE19 2 have asked us to install roadway designs because they may teach the children to stop at traffic lights and to be careful of cars, the teachers can show the pupils the Highway Code in an activity. This would help them in the community because they may understand the basic rules of road safety and how to be careful when they are near a road.

How to Install Playground Markings Near Me

The process of installing playground markings should be done by a local professional closest to you for optimum results. We complete thermoplastic marking installation across the UK to improve the appearance of existing, dull tarmac surfaces and their surrounding areas, and to create a fun, educational area for kids to play in.

  1. Cut out the graphics in the shapes required
  2. Lay them out onto the surface in the desired position
  3. Apply heat to the markings until they melt onto the surface
  4. Allow the graphics to cool

For more information on the installation of thermoplastic markings, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can also tell you the process of preparing the surface ready for installation. We would recommend cleaning the surface thoroughly prior to installing the graphics. This is because if there is dirt on the surfacing the thermoplastic may stick to the dirt instead and will not be as durable.

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If your school is interested in having some of these Key-Stage 1 play markings installed for an outdoor play area, please fill in our contact form with your details and we’ll get back to you with some more product information on key stage one playground games in Capheaton NE19 2 and an idea of costs.

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