Multi Purpose Tarmac Court

Multi Purpose Tarmac Court

This tarmacadam court can be used for a whole host of different sports and games saving space and money.

Tarmacadam Sport Surfacing Specialists

Tarmacadam Sport Surfacing Specialists

We are highly trained in the installation and design of sports facilities made from a selection of surfaces

Tarmacadam Installation

Tarmacadam Installation

We can install a variety of different surfaces that we can specify in different ways to make the ideal facility for you

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Hockey Court Surfacing

We are Hockey Court Surfacing, our UK leading specialist team are highly trained in the installation and design of sports facilities made from a selection of surface. If you are looking to have hockey court surfacing installed, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

We don’t just specialize in the design and installation of playgrounds, we offer a whole host of different products and services in an effort to make the perfect facilities for you including the installation of hockey court surfacing for schools and sports clubs. We can not only design and create a variety of sports facilities; we may utilize the space and surfacing you already have with line markings to make something ideal for you.

It’s essential that children at school have access to facilities that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle. The surfacing can make a big difference to Hockey, the best surfacing options being 2G artificial grass.

For more information regarding sports line marking, please get in touch with our friendly team using the contact form available on this page. One of our experts will respond to you as soon as possible answering any questions that you may have and providing you with a free quotation if required.

Tarmacadam Hockey Surfaces Near Me

However, for schools that only have tarmacadam surfacing, this is still suitable for hockey. With the line markings that we have on offer, we may help turn a small area into a facility that can accommodate a whole host of distinct sports whilst also being a play area. The benefit of having a tarmac surface is that it’s extremely durable, meaning that it’s perfect for institutions that have a large number of people using it.

Due to the durability, it won’t wear down through excessive usage which could ultimately lead to accidents. The paint that we use for the line markings and court coating is fitted with an aggregate that is designed to help reduce the risk of slips and falls that could result in injuries. This paint not only helps to improve the safety features but the extra traction helps improve the quality of pay.

Playground Hockey Facilities

We could take whatever existing facility you have and alter it with line markings to help create the perfect sports area for you. We also offer MUGA’s that can accommodate a whole variety of sports meaning that you can maximize the usage of your space. The paint is an acrylic based formula and the use of the anti-slip aggregate ensures that there is a big decrease in injuries.

Multi-use games areas will have line markings installed in a selection of colours this makes it easier to distinguish between the markings when using the facility. It’s completely up to you to decide which colours you would like to use. Some sports won’t be suited for the same surface types as Hockey, for example, netball on 2G turf could be difficult due to the grass fibres affecting play.

Playground Installation Services

Our nearby expertise doesn’t stop after design and installation; we offer a huge range of services that are designed to help create the best possible facility for your school. If you have a facility that over time has become worn down, we supply a variety of different maintenance schemes that are designed to improve the overall quality of your surfacing and surrounding area.

If the surface isn’t cleaned regularly there can be a build-up of various contaminants such as algae and moss. These different contaminations can lead to issues with drainage meaning that the surface will become slippery. Not to mention the potential of flooding which can cause severe long term damage, completely destroying the facility.  

How to Create a Hockey Court Near Me

Our experts can completely transform existing tarmac areas into sports facilities by simply line-marking the surface:

  1. Clean the tarmac area - this removes dirt to ensure the line-marking paint sticks to the surfacing and does not come away with any dirt
  2. Apply a chemical treatment - this is done to prevent the growth of moss and algae
  3. Repair any cracks in the surfacing - cracking should be filled in with 2mm emerald stone mixed with polyurethane binder to ensure the area is safe to play on
  4. Apply a polyurethane binder coat - this coating is recommended if you're having the court painted, as it will help the paint stick better and strengthen the existing surface
  5. Paint the surface using anti-slip colour coating - anti-slip paint will dramatically enhance the appearance of the surface and the playing properties
  6. Line mark the hockey court surfacing - allowing for accurate gameplay

We have had years of experience within the line marking industry and can install line-markings for a number of different sports. If you would like more information on the transformation or tarmac surfaces, please fill in our contact form and we will get back in touch.

Playground Repair Specialists

It’s essential to keep your school playground closest to you, in the best possible condition all year round to make sure that it’s completely safe for the children using it. This is why we offer a comprehensive repair service that is designed specifically to deal with these issues as soon as they occur.

If there are any cracks or crevices in your facility it’s essential to get them to repair as quickly as possible to avoid them getting bigger and to stop children from having accidents such as trips and falls. If your sports court has taken a beating over the years we offer a full-scale resurfacing service that turns your facility into a completely new sports surface, giving it a new lease of life.

If you require more details regarding any of the services which we can carry out, please contact our team using the enquiry form. We can completely transform existing tarmac areas into hockey facilities as well as other sports courts. We would be more than happy to tell you more about line-marking and hockey court surfacing so please contact us if you've got any questions or concerns.

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