Sport Premium PE Teachers in Castlereagh

Sport Premium PE Teachers in Castlereagh

With help from a specialist support PE teacher at your school, kids can be taught by an experienced coach with knowledge in the best activities and techniques for various sports.

PPA Cover Coaching in Castlereagh

PPA Cover Coaching in Castlereagh

We can help schools with finding PPA cover coaches to teach students in PE lessons and extracurricular clubs as a way of improving health and providing kids with a range of different sporting activities.

Premium Sport Teachers in Castlereagh

Premium Sport Teachers in Castlereagh

If you have thermoplastic markings, then the PPA cover teachers can use these in their sport lessons and this can make it more fun for the pupils.

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Sport Premium Support PE Teacher in Castlereagh

We are Sports Premium Support PE Teacher, we are experts with finding PPA cover coaches to teach students in PE lessons and extracurricular clubs as a way of improving health and providing kids with a range of different sporting activities. If you'd like more expert advice on sport premium support PE teacher in Castlereagh, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

A sport premium support teacher in Castlereagh BT6 0 can come into your school to teach your students about PE and get the children involved in a range of physical activities. It is becoming more popular for schools to have sport coaches come into their schools; this is because a PE cover teacher allows for the teachers to get on with their marking and lesson planning, whilst the pupils are being looked after.

Having a sports premium support PE teacher in your school will benefit you and your students. It will give your staff teachers more time to mark homework and current work and allow them to have more time to create better learning and lesson schedules, as they will have around 2 hours a week to do these tasks.

The help of a local specialist sports coach closest to them can improve the students’ school lives because they can learn new types of activities with different teachers and also teach them more social skills as they will be working as a community and part of a team.

The support teacher can register the pupils in the morning or afternoon, deliver structured and progressive sports coaching, evaluate current PE lessons, reward individuals, continually train teachers, offer feedback and cover staff when needed.

PPA Cover Lessons

The purpose of PPA time is to allow teachers to improve standards through individual or collaborative activities and improve their own work/life balance. PPA stands for Planning, Preparation and Assessment and we can offer services for cover teachers to come to schools and look after the children during this time. This is organised through a meeting where our team will come into your school and go through everything in detail.

They will discuss the class’s current timetable, education plan, the national curriculum which they are studying, school policies and the general running of the school system. This information will help our team come up with an accurate schedule for your primary school. Outdoor playground surfaces can also be used, with Key Stage 2 marking designs in Castlereagh BT6 0 which have educational graphics to help kids learn new skills.

PPA cover lessons are only available in primary schools at the moment and some schools can apply for funding to have our team come in. Our coaches will normally take the children outside to carry out activities unless the weather is bad. They make the most out of the school’s current facilities and surrounding areas; this could be thermoplastic line-markings on the ground or outdoor play equipment.

The sport teachers then come up with ways which the children can use these markings and get the most benefit out of them. The children will be included in this process and the teachers can be as well, we have a range of experience and have worked in all different schools so we know the outcomes which can be achieved. The UK needs to improve health and fitness so why not choose our sports specialists to come and provide excellent sporting games and activities.

It is important to do a background check and speak to previous schools in Castlereagh BT6 0 when thinking about using support PE teachers, this is just to make sure that they are reliable and do a great job.

For more information on the sport premium support PE teacher services we offer, please get in contact with us and we’ll offer you some advice and more details on how the system works.

What is Line Marking?

Line markings are the process of installing paint or thermoplastic to a nearby surface to mark out specific areas. It is popular for school's PE teachers to ask for sports markings such as hockey on school playgrounds. Sports line-markings in Castlereagh BT6 0 can dramatically enhance the children's fitness and participation in sports.

Line-marking may be installed in a number of different colours making it great for multi-use games areas, where numerous sports can be played in a single space. If you require line marking for your school playground, please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you with regards to costs.

Sport Activity Markings in Castlereagh

If you'd like to develop a sporting activities section for your play area, we may also include surface markings for a variety of other games. Through frequent exercise, kids are more likely to learn within the classroom, therefore this has lots of educational advantages too. Together with physical and mental advantages of play flooring line-markings, you'll also find a number of sociable advantages for kids.

Through the enjoyable activities and line-markings, there's a great possibility to develop teamwork skills along with problem-solving. The kids will be in a position to spend more time with others and build friendships. Speak to us today if you are wanting to learn more and receive further information. 

How to Line Mark a Playground Near Me

There are two ways that a playground near me may be line marked. The first way is using thermoplastic markings, the second way is using specialist line-marking paint. For a more professional look, we would recommend having a professional paint the line-markings onto the surface:

  1. Clean the surfacing thoroughly
  2. Apply a moss and algae treatment if necessary
  3. Apply a colour coating across the playground if required
  4. Line mark the surfacing with the sports markings of your choice

Since we have years of experience in the line-marking industry, we can carry out the installation on playground markings to a very high standard.

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If you would like more information on the markings we can install for a sport premium support PE teacher in Castlereagh BT6 0 then make sure to fill out the contact box and we will get right back to you. We are happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with further details which can help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

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