Kindergarten Playground Design

Kindergarten Playground Design

We are able to supply thermoplastic markings and play equipment for outdoor learning areas so kids can enjoy a range of activities at nurseries at schools.

EYFS Play Area Specialists

EYFS Play Area Specialists

There are plenty of designs which you can choose from to create an educational and imaginative outdoor play space for the children.

Children's Play Equipment

Children's Play Equipment

We have a number of products which can be supplied for children's playgrounds including furniture, activity panels, climbing structures and imaginative props.

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Kindergarten Outdoor Play Area

Here at Kindergarten Outdoor Play Area, we are UK leading experts that are able to supply thermoplastic markings and play equipment for outdoor learning areas so kids can enjoy a range of activities at nurseries at schools. If you're in need of experienced and friendly kindergarten outdoor play area installers then look no further than us.

There are loads of designs which you can choose from when creating a Kindergarten outdoor play area for young children. We offer a number of products including thermoplastic markings, wet pour and playground equipment which can all be incorporated.

It’s extremely important for children to be physically active during their early years of development. Playing games in an outdoor environment can be really beneficial for both physical fitness and cognitive learning. By having a diverse playground space, kids can take part in different activities using colourful floor designs or specially designed equipment.

If you are interested in more information about kindergarten playground markings for kindergarten play areas, please fill in our contact form. An expert will be able to answer any questions or queries that you have regarding the playground graphics as soon as possible.

Thermoplastic Markings Near Me

One popular feature for a kids' outdoor play-areas is colourful thermoplastic kindergarten playground markings. These are designed in a number of different shapes, colours and patterns to create exciting activities for kids.

The graphics are pre-cut into solid plastic which is then placed onto a tarmac surface and heat applied using a burner to melt the plastic. Some clients choose to have a black or coloured paint coating applied to the whole surface prior to installing the markings. This creates a clean and seamless appearance for the entire area, making it look brand new.

The premium thermoplastic graphics can be supplied in a wide range of shapes which encourage Early Years kids to get involved in different activities. Things like

  • Hopscotch
  • Square grids
  • A-Z animals
  • Roadways

can all teach valuable skills. Other popular design options include -

  • Targets
  • Letters
  • Mazes
  • Fitness trails
  • Maps
  • Footsteps

Playing outdoors using these floor markings is a great way for kids to interact with each other and develop fundamental social skills.

If you would like to speak to an expert about the costs of a Kindergarten outdoor play area please contact our team to discuss a quote. Our prices will vary depending on area size, location and design so be sure to include as much information as possible with your enquiry.

Children’s Playground Designs

Other features which may be included in children’s playground designs are equipment and furniture. Things like climbing frames, trim trails, playhouses, benches and tables are all popular for Kindergarten, nursery and school facilities. EYFS groups can use these features for active outdoor learning which improves physical fitness along with making it easier to take in new information.

Interactive play panels are often used for role-play activities in local children’s playgrounds and the surrounding areas, as well as other imaginative equipment like stages, props and wooden cabins. It’s important for kids to make up their own games and use their imaginations when playing outside.

Having a diverse set of equipment and colourful markings can make this possible as the children can interpret them however they want. We have a range of premium quality equipment and brightly coloured thermoplastic graphics which can be uniquely designed to suit what you need.

Please contact one of our specialists by completing the enquiry form if you’d like to talk about costs to install Early Years Kindergarten outdoor play-area features. We’ll be able to offer you some ideas as to what would be best for your individual project. You can also look here - to see how public parks can benefit from outdoor markings. 

Kindergarten Recreation Games Near Me

When it comes to kids' recreational areas, thermoplastic graphics are often installed to improve the area and add bright coloured graphic designs. Play-area surface graphics could be key for the children’s education and learning, in addition to their enjoyment and fitness levels. You could choose between a lot of graphics which are ideal for Key Stages 1 and 2 and also secondary school.

Alongside normal, entertaining recreational surface markings, there are education based designs, such as Geography, Maths, English. Some of the most frequently used play-area markings could be things like grids, targets, spelling games and animals.

Play surface designs may be key in strengthening kids' fitness and all-around health and it's an excellent way to make fitness fun. This has many benefits regarding kids' health and wellbeing because inactivity is an increasing problem in primary schools. There are various organisations that could have colourful designs installed. Each of these is made from high-quality substances which means they will be long-lasting and reliable.

The coloured graphics [POSTCODE] are made to be slip resilient to ensure they are safe for the children using the area. Completely new kindergarten playground markings could also make a facility look much more vibrant and attractive, this may attract kids and adults to the facility, and even boost your OFSTED record. They can appeal to children of all abilities and a range of age groups.

Play Area Marking Specs

You could choose between an array of patterns, dimensions and colours to obtain a wonderful set of markings for your facility. The versatile heat applied plastic shapes are resilient and strong so they will last for many years in the recreational area. For those who currently have outdated and old play area designs, we could recover them to make sure they seem completely new and bright. Various old classic games could be installed onto the playground flooring which includes times tables grids and snakes and ladders.

If you want to produce a sport space for your nearby playground, we can also include line-markings for a variety of other options. Because of daily activity, children are more likely to learn inside the classroom, therefore this has several academic advantages at the same time. Alongside both mental and physical advantages of playground designs, you can also find numerous sociable advantages for children.

Through fun games and markings, there is a great possibility to master teamwork skills as well as problem-solving. The children are then able to hang out with others and create relationships.

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The installation procedure for plastic designs is fairly quick and easy, reducing interference at schools and nurseries. The graphics will be laid out on the playground surfacing and then heated up so they soften and stick to the flooring. After the installation is complete, the graphics leave a vibrant and strong finish. The different play designs that we offer are fantastic for making your games space more fun and educational. We take pride in offering products to educate and entertain with our colourful outdoor play graphics.

For more information regarding kindergarten outdoor play area please enquire today through our enquiry form and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.


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