Key Stage 4 Markings

Key Stage 4 Markings

The line marking designs installed for pupils aged between 14 and 16 are often sports line for multi activity facilities which can be used in PE lessons and extracurricular clubs.

KS4 Surface Graphics

KS4 Surface Graphics

Key Stage Four markings can include a number of educational designs to go along with academic lessons. These could be geographical maps, compasses and maths grids.

Key Stage Four Designs

Key Stage Four Designs

Playground graphics are becoming more popular for KS4 students, this is most likely because it makes the playground look better and teachers are able to use the markings for lessons.

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Key Stage Four Playground Markings

Here at key stage Four Playground Markings, our UK leading experts can include a number of educational designs to go along with academic lessons. These could be geographical maps, compasses and maths grids. If you're in need of experienced and friendly key stage four playground markings installers in [location] then look no further than us.

Key stage four playground markings in are becoming more popular in secondary schools, this is because of the range of advantages and choices of graphic designs which can be installed. KS4 is for Year 10 and Year 11 pupils, they are aged between 14 to 16 years old and this fits under the Key-Stage Four UK educational term programme.

Secondary school students at this age are looking to carry out their GCSE exams and the national curriculum for these years is that they should be studying -

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Information and Technology (ICT)
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Citizenship
  • Sex Education
  • Careers Education
  • Religious Education (RE)
  • Work-Related Learning

If you are interested in KS4 graphics for outdoor surfaces, please complete our contact form and we will get back to you with more details on the different designs available. 

What is KS4?

KS4 is year 10 and year 11 in secondary schools where youngster makes a start on their GCSEs. In year ten, schools give students the choice to pick four subjects, these are additional subjects of their choice and they will have external exams in year eleven for their GCSEs. The subjects can vary from each nearby school [POSTCODE] however the majority give the option to students of Art and Design, Humanities, Design and Technology (DT) and Modern Foreign Languages.

Key-stage four play area games can vary from each facility in the design, colour and size. The thermoplastic playground graphics can provide multi activities to be played and also educational lesson to be carried out on the tarmac outdoor surface. We can provide designs for younger children including Key Stage 1 markings as well if your school has a wide age range of pupils.

KS4 Playground Markings Near Me

The KS4 play area markings that we install are all BS EN 1463 approved, which is the British standard for thermoplastic games and it is important to make sure that your tarmac graphics meet this standard for various reasons. The recreational markings can bring the pupils within the community together; this is because for keystage four we have previously been asked to install bespoke logos and friendship areas onto the macadam, which are separate from the sport surfaces in the play area.

KS4 play area graphics can improve Ofsted reports, this is why the designs are becoming increasingly popular for older years to have in their facility and surrounding areas. As the graphics can be educational, Ofsted look at this as an opportunity for the children to be learning in an outside environment and this has proven to benefit some students who might struggle to concentrate in classrooms.

For more information on KS4 playground games and the installation process, please get in touch with our professionals using the enquiry form provided on this page. As soon as we receive your enquiry, we will make sure a local professional expert closest to you will contact you regarding the different games that are available, as well as the colours which you can choose from. We can also run you through the installation process and give you a more accurate quotation in regards to the cost of key-stage 4 play graphics.

How to Apply Thermoplastic Markings

When applying thermoplastic markings our experts follow these simple steps in order to get the best results:

  1. Discuss the markings that you would like within your KS4 facility 
  2. Brush and sweep the area where they will be lay
  3. Place them in the chosen positions 
  4. Heat the plastic so they melt into the flooring
  5. Allow it to cool

We have years of experience carrying out playground markings across the UK. Whether you are looking for playground designs or netball markings we are able to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Fill out the enquiry form provided if you would like to find out more information and to receive extra details. 

Educational Thermoplastic Graphics

The educational thermoplastics which we have installed for key-stage four facilities have been maps and grids but your school can make the designs unique to your own pupils and we always like hearing new possible designs. The majority of secondary schools near me ask for fitness recreational playground graphics, which is because it is a quick and easy way for the school to have a tarmac sports court or fitness tack.

These markings can be used in PE and having a sports facility can increase the activity of the students and can improve the health and fitness of the community because they are able to use the sports pitch. We can also provide educational designs which include maths games markings and may also come in a range of colours. 

Having thermoplastic playground marking carried out can revitalise an old tired, worn out surface and make it look refurbished. It can also improve the interest and attention of students and make them look forward to being outside. Please use our contact form to send us over your details if you’d like more information on prices and designs for KS4 playground graphics at your school.

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If you would like to discuss the various designs and colours we have available, please send us your details via the contact box on this page. We will also offer you details on installing the key stage four playground markings and the costs to carry out these services.


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