Key Stage Two Markings

Key Stage Two Markings

We can design and install thermoplastic play surface markings which meet Key Stage 2 requirements for educational activities and outdoor play.

KS2 Play Surface Design

KS2 Play Surface Design

There are also a range of wetpour rubber safety surfaces which come in a variety of bright colours with games and cartoon characters.

Key Stage 2 Playground Markings

Key Stage 2 Playground Markings

Playground markings can make your play are look better and your pupils can enjoy it more and make the most out of it. There are a range of designs available for KS2 pupils.

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Key Stage Two Playground Markings

We are Key Stage Two Playground Markings, we specialise in the design and install of thermoplastic play surface markings which meet Key Stage 2 requirements for educational activities and outdoor play. If you'd like more help and advice on key stage two playground markings, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

Key stage two playground markings are very common because they allow children to be active on specialist fitness trail designs, be educational on numbered hopscotches and generally improve their learning during playtime, plus improve their social skills and team building within a community group. KS2 are pupils aged between 7 and up to 11 years old which is also known as Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.

These classes are called junior schools, although in some cases part of this stage may fall in a middle school or in a primary school. Sometimes sports premium teachers will go into schools to teach children how to make the best use of their outdoor space and equipment they have.

The traditional key-stage two play area games, installed with thermoplastic graphics are normally snakes and ladders, hopscotches and clocks. The designs can be both fun and educational, which is why they are very important for schools to have.

The outdoor markings can even improve Ofsted reports this is because Ofsted believes that learning outside is beneficial for children, as it can increase the amount of interest that the children have, and it is a different type of learning environment which some pupils will prefer.

What is Thermoplastic Line Marking?

Thermoplastic line marking is the process of installing graphics and designs onto a surface to improve the look of the area. They can be installed on roadways to keep drivers and other road users safe as well as playgrounds to provide more opportunities for children playing in an area. Thermoplastic lines may be installed in a number of colours to suit the clients' preferences.

The bright vibrant colours are great for play areas as they appeal to young children, encouraging them to get involved in various activities. Thermoplastic line marking for playgrounds are often installed using preformed graphics that are heated onto the surfacing until they melt and stick. The thermoplastic graphics are durable and will last a long time after being installed.

How to Install Thermoplastic Markings 

When installing thermoplastic markings for KS2 schools or kindergartens, we are able to provide the best results possible at a great price. When doing this, our team follow these simple steps;

  1. Find the designs that suit your surrounding areas
  2. Clean the surface to remove any contaminants
  3. Lay the markings in the chosen location
  4. Apply heat to the plastic to allow it to melt 

As specialists, we can carry out this process for you to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Speak to our team today if you would like to find out more information and receive further details. 

KS2 Playground Markings

The KS2 playground marking graphics which we install are approved to BS EN 1436 standard, this is the British standard for play area thermoplastic graphics.

The national curriculum for key stage two is that the children should be learning and studying about -

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Design and Technology (DT)
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art and Design
  • Music
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Religious Education (RE)

We try and make our prefabricated thermoplastic designs relevant and suitable for the educational programme which they study. The choice of graphic designs that you can have is endless and we are always open to hearing new ideas and bespoke designs that we could apply to your macadam surface.

If you require more information on KS playground marking, please fill in our enquiry form. An expert will answer any questions that you have in a professional manner and will tell you more about the installation process along with the different key-stage two activity designs we've got available to install at your school.

Multi Skills Activities KS2

The multi activity KS2 play-area markings that we have previously installed, other than the traditional games which we have spoken about, have included compasses, friendship stops and mood bubbles. Recreational markings such as the friendship stops can bring the pupils in the community together and it can make a certain part of the play area a quieter place and for pupils to be included into groups and games.

As well as the tarmac designs being educational, recreational and also bringing the community together, they can also improve the fitness and health of the students. This is because the fitness tracks which we apply to the surfaces are normally brightly coloured and fun for the kids. This can make PE an enjoyable activity and something which the pupils want to take part in and look forward to; the designs can be unique and customised to whatever appearance and purpose you want.

Having playground graphics installed can quickly restore your facility’s play area surface and make it look like a refurbished area for your school and the children who attend there. We are specialist playground markings installers and have completed many projects with a variety of designs.

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Please let us know if you’re interested in having Key-Stage Two play area games markings applied to your outdoor playground surface and we’d be happy to offer you some more details on the design, specification and costs of installation. Send us over your details using our contact form and one of our helpful team members will get back to you with some advice on key stage two playground markings and a quote.


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